vendredi 4 décembre 2009

Life is unfair....

No, I am not going to start singing the Malcom In The Middle's song, or give you never-ending lessons about life and what you should do.
It is just that some thoughts has came suddenly to my mind while I was talking to a friend. We were talking about our lives, our projects, when he asked me this question that made my heart beating so fast all of a sudden : " Do u think it's fair to get only one chance?"...
I am writing so fast right now, I don't want to miss this inspiration that suddenly has came to me. I've been thinking about the life. I had so many flashes on my head, in front of my eyes.
I thought of these people that didn't chose to have the life that made them suffer. I remembered these persons that had to live without the one they love. And only for this, I'd say that life is unfair. I do think that anyone has the right to have another chance.
Our life depends on a very thin string, that can be broken at any occasion, any tear, any word, any breath... How many times did you regret saying something? How many times did you wish to go back in time and change, even one second?
Unfortenately, we're prisoners of life and its physical rules. All we think about is running, running and running again... against time. But did you ever ask yourself where this race against the hours will take you at the end?
Well, don't expect any answer or "analyze" for this, because I don't know it myself...
All I know is that " life is like a plastic cup to be used and then disposed of..."

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  1. you started blogging! how dare you not tell me! oh my god ilove your blog and i hate that 3/4 of it is in french sarah. please more english posts please. or like dual language posts at least! you know the notes i have on FB are imported from my blog right?

    this piece is wonderfully raw. and that last quote is just spot on. its an eye opener isnt it?on how we spend the one chance we get?

    PS: thanks for ur support i love u too! and u are more than awsome